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Endota Spa $50 Instant Flexi E-Gift Card

Endota Spa $50 Instant Flexi E-Gift Card
Flexi e-Gift Card
Endota Spa $50 Instant Flexi E-Gift Card

Endota spa is Australia's most loved wellness brand with world leading treatments and product ranges. With over 100 spas nationwide we are the largest spa network in Australia. endota spa invites you to reconnect with your best me by providing a haven where you can escape life's everyday stresses. Our treatments take you on a sensory journey to replenish your mind, recharge your spirit and rejuvenate your body, supported by our revolutionary product ranges with proven results. Your eGift Card is redeemable at any endota spa throughout Australia. It can be redeemed for any treatment or product of the same value, or you can upgrade by paying extra. Visit to find your local spa and browse through their revolutionary product ranges.

A Flexi eGift Card is an electronic gift card that lets you choose where you'd like to shop! In the past if you were given a gift card for a particular shop but didn't want to buy anything from that shop, you were stuck. But now with a Flexi eGift Card, you get to choose at which shop you spend your gift. 

What's more, you may be able to split your Flexi eGift Card and spend it at different shops! For example, if you have a $30 Flexi eGift Card, you could choose to split it up into a $20 Myer eGift Card and a $10 iTunes eGift Card. 

  • Instant delivery right into my account.
  • Works on desktop/laptop or smartphone/tablet.
  • Open the eGift Card then select where you'd like to spend it.

If you wish to you can also split the eGift into any combination of gift cards up to the total balance available.

Read the full FAQ

Your Flexi eGift Card will be available in your My Account page in My Digital Wallet.

Click on the view button next to your Flexi eGift Card to open your Flexi eGift Card.

Then convert your Flexi eGift Card into any combination of gift cards or vouchers up to the total available balance. How you redeem your chosen gift card depends on the card or voucher chosen.


Phone or Tablet

  1. Ensure your phone or tablet has internet access, then open your Flexi eGift Card web page. Click on your eGift Card.
  2. Then simply show the screen with eGift Card code or barcode to the cashier.


  1. Open eGift Card, then click Print and print out your eGift Card.
  2. Take the printed eGift Card to the store and show to the cashier.

Online Shopping & Ordering

Copy and paste the gift card/voucher codes into the checkout page when shopping or ordering online.

Other Methods

Some other gift cards and vouchers have special instructions for how to redeem. Carefully follow the instructions shown.

Treat this electronic gift card (egift card) as cash. Any person who learns the URL of this egift card can use it, therefore it is your responsibility to keep this egift card safe by keeping the URL private. We recommend you keep the original egift card email safe and take all measures necessary to secure your email. Do not open this egift card on a public or shared computer terminal. Lost or stolen egift cards will not be replaced or refunded. Not redeemable for cash. When you choose to redeem your egift card by converting part or all of the value into a participating merchant's egift card or voucher, the validity of that portion of your egift card will change to a shorter period. Please pay attention to the expiry periods and dates shown. Any unused value after the expiry date of any egift card or voucher will not be refunded or credited. When you convert value into a participating merchant's egift card or voucher, the conversion is final and cannot be reversed. Egift cards and vouchers are not reloadable.