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Trade-in Appraisal

Trade-in Appraisal
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Trade-in Appraisal

Fill out the form below and receive a competitive trade-in appraisal. 

Looking to trade-in and trade-up to your next vehicle? Complete this online enquiry and one of our experts will be in contact to help you achieve a great deal.

Selling your car is never fun, or easy. You’re never quite sure just how the dealer is playing the percentages on your ‘change over’ and your only other option is a time consuming and frustrating private sale. But what if there was another way?
Using the trade-in tool below, you now have access to a quick and easy solution to wholesale your car.  Simply complete the web form on your benefits portal and attach the requested photos.  Your vehicle will then be appraised by multiple wholesalers, the highest of which will be provided to you within two business days of submission.
Any make, any model, we get you a great price. We do the hard work.