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Schmick Car Care Club - Scratch and Dent Assist

Schmick Car Care Club - Scratch and Dent Assist
Special Member Offer

So Many Happy Clients

I'd just like to say thank you for a great job on the wheel you repaired on my car.
Professional work was undertaken and general demeanour of your technician was exemplary. Cannot recommend Schmick's services highly enough.
Schmick Car Care Club - Scratch and Dent Assist

Keep your new car Schmick! 

Give yourself the peace of mind that unforeseen scratches, dents and scuffs caused by everyday travels can now be repaired at your convenience.

Schmick Scratch & Dent Assist provides a cost effective quality Mobile Rapid Repair service for minor damage to vehicles, commonly caused from misjudged parking, out of control shopping trolleys, low speed incidents or vandalism. And although the damage may appear small, the repair costs using traditional panel shops always seems expensive, inconvenient and generally at least the cost of your insurance excess if a claim is made. This offer is only available to vehicles that are up to 7 years old.

Pay only $50 per repair* and cover the following:
  • Interior leather vinyl and cloth repairs up to 80mm
  • Deep scratches on vertical panels up to 60mm
  • Surface marks and scratches covering up to 4 panels
  • Pressure dents up to 60mm
  • Alloy wheel scuffs and scrapes with no size limit
  • Mirror casing scuffs and scrapes with no size limit
  • Bumper bar scuffs and scrapes up to 500mm
  • Cosmetic touch ups up to 20 stone chips
  • Plastic body kit scuffs and scrapes up to 500mm

Convenience and Comfort every time

Schmick understands your time is precious which is why their fully equipped mobile repair technician will come to you. All repairs can be done in the comfort of your own home or at your work. This means no loss of your motor vehicle and no costly down time.

Huge Savings

  • Direct Repair Costs - Repairing even minor damage in a repair shop is very costly. As a Schmick member, you’ll just pay the low membership repair fee for each of the repairs you receive (in addition to the annual membership fee).
  • Pre-Excess Claims - Putting small repairs and blemishes through your insurance can affect your no claim bonus program and result in higher car insurance premiums.  We don’t offer an insurance product - so our repairs won’t affect your claims record or your insurance premiums.
  • Resale Value - Unattended small repairs and blemishes can devalue your car
  • Convenience of Same Day Repairs - Schmick understand your time is precious which is why our fully equipped mobile repair technician will come to you. All repairs can be done at your convenience; in your home driveway or at work. This helps minimise loss of your motor vehicle and costly down time. Note; Restrictions apply on where vehicle’s can be repaired.

Receive Special Member Pricing Upon Enquiry

Enquire below to access this exclusive deal.

How to Request a Repair

Requesting a repair is easy. Once you're a Schmick Platinum Member, simply follow these three easy steps:
  1. Simply check that the damage falls within the program guidelines and size limits.
  2. Take a photo of the damage and email it together with your Schmick membership or vehicle registration number to OR download and use the Schmick member exclusive repairs app.
  3. A Schmick technician will call you to arrange a suitable time and location to assess and repair.

Repairs that exceed the size limits of your Schmick membership program may still be able to be repaired be a Schmick technician at a Schmick member discounted price. Please ask us to assess.

*Please refer to the Schmick Scratch & Dent Assist Terms & Conditions for full details (including repair size limits and exclusions) which is available at Repair fee for a single repair is subject to change. Refer to website for repair fee applicable at the time of requesting a repair.

Only available for vehicles up to 7 years old

Key Exclusions to the $50 per repair:
  • Chrome and high polishes alloy wheels
  • Replacement parts
  • Structural damage
  • Non painted textured plastic components
  • Damage on your vehicle prior to joining Schmick