There are no better bragging rights than those of a great deal, and, on the food chain of great deals, there is no higher pinnacle than that of a red-hot car deal.


But with so many different makes, models, options, methods of purchase and finance and conflicting ideas in the mix, it is very easy to get swept up in a wave of emotion when making what is, for most of us, the second biggest purchase of our lives behind a house.  And while there is no way to completely eliminate the swathe of emotions and confusion which can get in the way of our admirable goal of securing a great deal,  there are some logical steps we can take here to maximise our likelihood of a great deal.


1.     Research, Research and More Research!


There is a mountain of information freely available on the internet which can assist you in making a logical and assured decision when choosing your next ride.  What are the reviewers saying?  Does the car have a five-star ANCAP rating? Is there an online configurator and/or spec sheet available on the manufacturer’s website you can use to get the best information and design your dream ride?  Ticking all of these boxes means you will be more likely to have a narrowed focus and come armed to the teeth with the right information when it comes time to make that tough decision.


2.     Have a Clear and Defined Budget in Mind


When narrowing down your preferences, it is important to define your budget.  If you are financing, how much of your take-home income per month are you prepared to partition towards a new car?  If purchasing outright, what is the maximum amount you are looking to spend?  This provides you with both a clearly defined financial target to push towards and will also quickly eliminate the unachievable from your list of shiny new vehicle candidates.


3.     Read the Fine Print


Finance offers and limited-time extended warranties will always grab our attention, but is there a catch?  Quite often, manufacturers will advertise extremely competitive finance offers available over a limited period, however, reading the fine print will sometimes reveal that this is not available to Fleet or Corporate buyers.  In other words, sure you can have a 2% comparison rate finance for your new car, however, you cannot have this in conjunction with anything more than the most miserly of discounts, eliminating the benefit of a lower interest rate.


4.     Talk to the Right People

If symptoms persist, see your doctor – or in this case your friendly, neighbourhood car buying specialist!  Speaking to the right person can be the best move you can possibly make when shopping for a new car.  Using a Car Buying service provides you with access to a network of hundreds of dealerships nationwide who will all compete for your business.  You will deal with one person rather than a host of faces across multiple dealerships, saving you time, money and stress along the way.


MBA Car Assist work with hundreds of our members each year, saving them thousands of dollars on their new car purchase.


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